A couple of pictures from the annual Movember charity fundraiser in San Francisco. Fun times!



Photographed Papa Zach, his girlfriend Meg, and her daughter Charlotte on Sunday up in Napa. Meg has a sweet ride so we did a few pics with it at Kennedy Park. Had fun playing with some lights I rented. They are a rad couple, super easy to photograph.


Photographed my buddy Mike yesterday with some lights I had rented for a photo booth for a client. Thought if I had them for a few days than why not put them to good use. He’s a slightly photogenic chap and we brought props. All photos lit with AB800 with softbox at Fort Cronkite in the Marin Headlands.cronkite1cronkite2cronkite3Definitely a cool place I would like to go back to not only to take pictures but to surf as well.

New Blog, New Beginning

This is my new blog and a new beginning in my goal to be a better photographer. I don’t think I can ever stop learning and hope to have the willpower to always try new things, be creative, look at things differently, and put my self in situations that are out of my comfort level on a daily. Though I consider myself more of a photojournalist than any other type of photographer, there are many other areas in photography I would like to explore. I has been 5 months and a week since I graduated from SFSU and have not been interning for a newspaper in that long either. It has been years since I have worked in any other profession and make 99% of my income through my photographic services – whatever they may entail. At the moment I am called upon weekly to photograph the vanity within the social realms of San Francisco’s nightlife, weddings just about every week, and the occasional portrait. I am curious to see how much this changes within a year’s time.