Recent cocktail photos from Beretta and Eve Lounge. Used a grid on the cocktails behind and to the side with a white card to the side to add fill. It was a real fun challenge and all of them tasted really good!



Got second place on (International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers) representing Viera Photographics where I feel more than lucky to be an associate for that uber-talented duo. I had a ton of fun with the guys in the photo. I remember the bar where this was taken was quite dark so I bounced two strobes off the ceiling to light it evenly.


I was hired to photograph for a new company called BarTab, which created a new Facebook application allowing users to send real $1 drinks to friends. Since the company launched May 15th, they had they brilliant idea of promoting themselves to the public by throwing easily the biggest group party and float during the Bay to Breakers. My job was to capture this party. Of the 300+ of us that started together, probably 30 of us ended up with the float at the end. 1 lens, 1 hour of sleep the night before, and a lot more than 1 drink for the day. The theme was “Baywatch to Breakers” and of course, yours truly had on his Sunday best:) The rest of the pics can be seen here.


My buddy Ricardo wanted some head shots for an audition yesterday, so I decided to try something new. I threw a white curtain over my dining room window, set my ringflash outside and shot through both, hoping for a really diffused light. I placed a reflector near him for a little fill. I think I will explore this setup for food photos in the future.


Did some interiors for Yoshi’s restaurant and jazz club in Oakland. First two images are hdrs. My buddy Vin helped me out with the panos. We set up a 24 tilt on a d3 and shot vertical with his Nodal Ninja, blending four images together.


Did some photos for my buddy Don Davis’ new restaurant The Republic yesterday. They have a new chef so they wanted pictures of a couple dishes as well as some quick portraits of the chef. The shots of the chef were used with ambient and a reflector. All the shots of the food except for the fried chicken were used with mirrors and a reflector to balance the light. Used a grid on my Alien Bees ringflash for the chicken to add texture. The food shots were shot with my new Tamron 90mm macro, which I thought performed quite well.


Photographed a lil bit at the Old Skool Cafe fundraising gala Tuesday night with my buddy Guru Kalsa, a real talented and super down to earth photog here in SF (more photos of the event can be seen on his blog). The event was held at Cafe Cocomo. The theme of the gala was 1940s style, hence the outfits you see here. Pictures are of local youth who were servers at the gala.

I liked the red from the lights and clothing so much that I decided it would be my theme for the night.

The event was run entirely by generous volunteers. It was very inspirational to see how many people care about the community and the talented youth that performed were insanely good.

The founder of Old Skool Cafe, Teresa Goines, has the vision of transforming the abandoned 1912 Portrero Hill Police Station and Jail into a youth-run restaurant.