In my quest to constantly improve on my food photography I picked up an assignment from Rivera Public Relations to photograph three peach-inspired dishes at three different restaurants yesterday. According to Rivera, “recently a study revealed that extracts found in peaches and plums have been shown to kill breast cancer cells while not hurting other cells. Rivera PR is working with the stone fruit farmers and the California Tree Fruit Agreement to spread the word about these findings.  From August 15th – September 15th, twenty San Francisco restaurants have joined the fight to participate in “Peaches + Plum Dining Month.” $1 of selected menu items featuring peaches and/or plums will benefit The Breast Cancer Site, which funds free mammograms, and has emerged as a leader in the fight to detect and prevent breast cancer.”

The restaurants I photographed at were Gitane (first dish), Fifth Floor (second dish), and Marlowe (last dish). With the Gitane dish I balanced window light and light from a grid, with the Fifth Floor I used natural light + reflectors, and with Marlowe I bounced my strobe off a silver wall and used a reflector and mirrors in the front. Photographing that dish was really challenging for me to get the light to cover evenly over everything.
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