While in Nevada we spent a couple days in Stagecoach, a small town 30 minutes east of Carson City to do a story on wild mustangs. We met with Shirley Allen who takes in young orphaned foals, and was given a tour by our generous guide Willis Lamm who taught us how to approach the animals. Getting up close and personal (literally feet away) from these majestic animals high atop the barren ridges of western Nevada was one of the coolest things I have done in a long time. On our second day we followed two bands of horses for an hour and a half and our patience paid off as two of the rival stallions decided to stop horsing around and brawl. Only thing missing from the epic battle was some lighting and perhaps a bottle of Bud Light.

I hope to truly continue the story on the mustangs down the road.

  1. Hardy,

    Freakin’ awesome photos, guy! As good as the local photo pros who have years of tracking horses under their belts. Next time we’ll have to saddle up and see the mustangs from the backs of mustangs.

    “:O) Willis

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