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Picture of Ocean Beach I took a little while back as seen from the Cliff House.



Here are some pictures from two recent weddings. The first was Brian and Sara’s wedding in the Marin Headlands, the other was Anu and I-Peh’s wedding in Huntington Beach. Both were quite different and beautiful. Thanks to my buddy Stephen Lam and Alda for all the help!


Photographed the Presidio Social Club restaurant last week. I had a ton to photograph in a finite amount of time so everything was used with natural light. It’s a beautiful restaurant with a real different vibe than a lot of other restaurants in SF. I liked the airy and relaxed vibe. I really enjoyed the food too!


Photographed Israel in the Gardens a couple weeks back. Here are a few pictures.


While in Nevada we spent a couple days in Stagecoach, a small town 30 minutes east of Carson City to do a story on wild mustangs. We met with Shirley Allen who takes in young orphaned foals, and was given a tour by our generous guide Willis Lamm who taught us how to approach the animals. Getting up close and personal (literally feet away) from these majestic animals high atop the barren ridges of western Nevada was one of the coolest things I have done in a long time. On our second day we followed two bands of horses for an hour and a half and our patience paid off as two of the rival stallions decided to stop horsing around and brawl. Only thing missing from the epic battle was some lighting and perhaps a bottle of Bud Light.

I hope to truly continue the story on the mustangs down the road.


Drove to Carson City, Nevada with my buddy Sole Moller to cover a story for Ud and Se (Out to Sea), Denmark’s largest magazine. We spent half the day with inmates at Nevada State Prison who train wild horses. We spent a good amount of time with Robert Railey, who is in most of the photos. Though never having worked with horses before, he now wants to work as a trainer when he is paroled. The 18 inmates in the program spend eight hours a day training their horse. After ninety days the horses are auctioned off and the process begins again with a new horse.


Recent cocktail photos from Beretta and Eve Lounge. Used a grid on the cocktails behind and to the side with a white card to the side to add fill. It was a real fun challenge and all of them tasted really good!