Archive for March, 2010


Photographed the Fight for Air Climb Saturday morning for a client. I was stationed at the “finish line”, which was the last seven steps of the 52nd floor. I used a softbox on camera right and focused on trying to produce portraits of those who participated as they finished. As repetitious as it was, I had a blast cheering on the contestants!



Had some fun shredding a couple feet of fresh gnar at Snowmass this past weekend. Took only about two dozen photos. Learned it’s much funner to shred without worrying about the thousands of dollars of gear in your backpack. Shots taken of my buddy Sean at Hanging Valley Wall and Burnt Mountain, also a pic of the crowd at the Vampire Weekend show.


Shot some food and pictures of the chef for Yoshi’s in San Francisco. Had an hour to shoot 11 dishes (whew!). Balanced window light with a reflector and mirror to keep it simple. Used two lights for the quick portrait of Chef Sho and ambient light for the others.


I was hired to photograph a birthday party at Crown and Crumpets, a real little gem at Ghirardelli¬† Square. To the birthday girl’s (and my) surprise her boyfriend came out from the kitchen, ring in hand, and proposed to her in front of all her friends – who were fully aware what was going on. Lit mostly by window light and a little fill from bouncing the strobe off the ceiling.


Shot some more plates for the Fifth Floor restaurant. Also did some pics in the kitchen of the staff working. Moving up a spot on the list, now my fourth favorite asian, Stephen Lam, assisted me. For the food: window light, reflector, and a small mirror to add extra highlights. Ambient light in the kitchen.


Did some photos for Hennessy Black, a new label from Hennessy. Shot documentary-style for a few stops on their bus tour. Was more of a tasting event for select clients rather than a “party”. Photos captured by ambient light lit from a window, room lights, and light from

the videographer accompanying me.