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Random pictures from last week. Picture from a party at Poleng Lounge, and an HDR of an interior for Kasa restaurant. HDR’s are definitely something I need to practice.

The party picture was done with two strobes; one on-camera, one off with a gary fong. The HDR was a combination of two images with ambient light.



Did some photos for Moet and Chandon for a wedding fair at the Four Seasons. Without a doubt the most rushed shoot in my life. Had to work on still-life images for a brochure in a variety of settings. So many settings in fact that the average time I had with each item/location was 2-3 minutes. Worked up a sweat, but at least got to nab a few caviar appetizers! Used ambient light for all the images.


Photographed my first bar mitzvah yesterday. It was really fun! The family was very nice and extremely comfortable in front of the camera, which made my job so much easier. Here are a few pics.


Did some pictures at Fifth Floor restaurant for Kimpton and RiveraPR. My buddy Stephen Lam helped me out. We were definitely squeezed for time considering how much they needed done but it was a fun and learning experience.